Dizzy Hooper

Ella’s Enchanted Evening

Crown Brothers Fairy Tale Romances Book 1

When Ella’s father died, her wicked step-mother cut her out of the will. She’s gotten by, cleaning offices and daydreaming about a handsome stranger who would come along and whisk her away from all her troubles.

She just never imagined that dream could actually come true.

But when an old friend convinces her to go to a charity ball with her, that’s exactly what happens. Ella and her handsome stranger share one night of passion. He’s her first…everything. She wishes he could be more, but the penniless orphan doesn’t end up with the rich, powerful CEO.

Except maybe she should have told him that…

Billionaire businessman Kian Crown knows nothing about the stunning girl who stole his heart. He searches tirelessly for her, but all he ends up with are dead leads.

Until months later the door to his office swings open, revealing a face he remembers all too well. 

He can’t decide which is the bigger surprise—the fact that his mystery girl is wearing a maid’s uniform.

Or the fact that underneath that uniform is an unmistakable bump…

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