Dizzy Hooper

Dragons Of Fire And Stone

Ember: Queen Of Dragons, Book 2

The long-awaited peace summit between the Fire Dragon and Stone Dragon Kingdoms is about to kick off, when what should happen? I lay eyes on the two gorgeous princes of the two warring nations, and instantly, it’s clear. I’m their fated mate.

It’s unheard of. Impossible. No dragon has more than one mate.

I always have been special, though—and not in a good way. What will happen when my new bondmates discover that I’m a defective dragon? A shifter who can’t shift? Not to mention the secret, shameful ex-girlfriend of yet another dragon prince?

Throw in the fact that I’m the bearer of an ancient magical artifact, once worn by the Shadow Dragon Queen herself, and it’s clear that there’s more going on here than simple pheromones.

That’s all hard to keep track of, though, as I spend some quality time getting to know these two incredible men—both with and without our clothes. On one level, our union is a dream come true.

On another, it’s a nightmare, full of bad blood running between two feuding monarchs, and a conflict that’s been brewing for millennia. Our connection is powerful, but so are the forces fighting to tear us—and all of dragonkind—apart…

Dragons Of Fire And Stone is the second book in a new Why Choose paranormal romance series, which is best read in order, beginning with Book 1, Rejected By Dragons. Warning—contains a cliffhanger!

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