Dizzy Hooper

Dragons Of Shadow And Sea

I take one look at this gorgeous man, and I know. He’s my fated mate. The missing part of my soul. And all I can think is, “Not again.”

To say my new mating to Prince Malik of the Water Dragon Kingdom gets off to a rocky start would be an understatement. He refuses to accept that I’ve already bonded with two other dragons. Worse, his mother, the queen, sees my mates as threats to her secluded, hidden kingdom, and she has them imprisoned while they await their execution.

Even as I fight for my mates’ survival, I’m also fighting an irresistible attraction. Malik and I struggle to trust each other, but that doesn’t dim our passion. As we give in to temptation, Malik begins to work with me to free my other mates. But just when I think we might all be able to get along, a new threat emerges.

The Shadow Dragons have found us. And they’re not going to give up until they discover the source of my new, magical powers.

The Shadow Dragons are holding onto unexpected secrets, though. The deeper I dive into their plot to undermine the other dragon kingdoms, the more I discover about the hidden underbelly of the dragon world, about my family—and about myself.

Book 4 in the Ember: Queen Of Dragon series — coming February 22, 2024!

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