Dizzy Hooper

Betrayed By Dragons

Ember: Queen Of Dragons, Book 3

I’m two weeks into my new life as the fated mate of both Prince Rafe of the Fire Kingdom and Prince Jianyu of the Stone Kingdom, and things are finally looking up. Both men are incredible—loving, attentive, and amazing in bed. The High Priestess of the Grand Temple has personally taken it upon herself to teach me all the magic the Stone Dragon mages have to offer. After years of never being able to afford anything, I’m living a life of luxury in a literal palace.

But deep down, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Dangerous forces are working to undermine the tentative peace between the dragon kingdoms, we haven’t been able to figure out who tried to kill us all at the last summit, and oh yeah, my mates still hate each other.

Just when it seems like we might be making progress, a whole new kind of threat emerges. Enemies we’d thought were long gone return—but so do old friends.

Not everything is as it appears, though.

As we unravel a secret plot to tear the dragon world apart, it becomes painfully clear: even among our closest allies, there’s no one left who we can trust.

Betrayed By Dragons is the third book in a new Why Choose paranormal romance series, which is best read in order, beginning with Book 1, Rejected By Dragons. Warning—contains a cliffhanger!

Coming November 16, 2023 — available for pre-order now!

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