Dizzy Hooper

Her Christmas Cowboys

All I want for Christmas is…them.

To the outside observer, it looks as if I have my life together. Sure, I’m the rich heiress daughter to the founder of the Hillier hotel group. I hang out with society’s elite, raising money for charities and posing with my social media influencer friends. My life in New York is picture perfect in every way.

Too bad I have no idea what I’m doing with it.

My lack of direction in life is a sore spot with my family. When I join them at a secluded mountain ranch for Christmas, my father wastes no time reminding me what a disappointment I am. My brother resents that I didn’t want to help him take over the company. My mom thinks I should just go find a husband and pump out some kids already.

Thank God Gold Canyon Ranch has plenty of distractions.

Namely, the three hot cowboys who run the place.

Strong-jawed leader Dylan is the first to catch my eye—and to make my heart pound. When sensitive Arturo takes me out for horse-back riding lessons, I feel a connection unlike any I’ve ever known. Their friend James may be abrasive, dismissing me as a spoiled princess, but behind his scowl is a smolder I can’t resist.

Before I know it, I’m spending all my time with them.

By day, they’re fun and kind.

By night, they bring my body to heights I didn’t even know could exist.

It’s just a fling. I have my perfect life in New York to get back to—not to mention an overbearing family to prove wrong. Developing feelings for even one of them would be insane. There’s no way I could be falling in love with all three.


Or could a forever love with three sexy cowboys be my heart’s most secret Christmas wish…

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