Dizzy Hooper

Loved By The Pack (Broken Ladder Wolf-shifters book 5)

All my life, I swore I’d never take a mate. Then they came along…

Ever since I was a pup, everyone told me that a mating bond was a sacred rite. You let some guy bite your neck and bam—you found the other half of your soul.

No one ever talked about the ugly side. About how losing your mate meant losing your will to live.

That part I had to find out the hard way.

Now I’m a happily unmated adult, living my best life, teaching middle school by day and caring for what’s left of my shattered family by night. Everything is great.

Except I have a secret.

I may have sworn off bonding, but that doesn’t mean I’ve sworn off sex. In fact, I’m banging all three members of this pack of males who’ve come to stay with us and help us rebuild after our family’s most recent tragedy. There’s the quiet leader, Arno; the dirty-talking jokester, Henry; and the scarred, soulful survivor, Luther.

For the most part, our arrangement is great. The guys are smoking hot and amazing in the sack. They’re even fun to talk to. Best of all, they don’t mind sharing.

The only thing they mind is the careful distance I keep. I may let them into my body and my bed, but I’ll never let them into my heart.

Or so I think.

Turns out my family has one more disaster waiting for it. In the aftermath, I convince myself it’s time to let Arno, Henry and Luther go.

But they refuse. Instead, they tell me it’s time to let them claim me as their mate. All they ask is one week to prove to me how good our life together could be. Who am I to say no to being wooed by three gorgeous males?

As they lavish me with attention, though, it’s harder and harder to keep them at bay. My wolf wants them. My body wants them. My heart…

My heart wants them, too. But a lifetime of pain makes for an impossible choice. Send them away. Or open myself to their love—and in so doing, make the ultimate sacrifice…


Loved By The Pack is the steamy, emotional conclusion to the Broken Ladder Wolf-shifters series. It can be read as a standalone. No cheating, no cliffhangers. A happy ending and adult times guaranteed…

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