Dizzy Hooper

The Mountain Man’s Secret Valentine

Mountain Men of Silver Ridge, Book 1


Look, there’s a reason why I live by myself in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. My time in the military left my mind and body scarred. Finding out my ex-fiancee screwed me over me while I was overseas just rubbed salt in the wound.

I’m not fit to be around other people, so I keep myself to myself and live off the grid. Being alone suits me. I’m better off that way.

Or at least that’s what I think.

Then she shows up on my doorstep. She claims the Valentine’s Day flowers she’s delivering are from a secret admirer, but f*ck that. Even if they are, I don’t care. All I can see is her. 

Her sweet mouth and wicked tongue demand to be claimed. Her perfect body is begging to be touched and taken.

When a freak blizzard strands her with me in the wilderness, it takes all my restraint to keep my hands to myself and remain a gentleman. Her every move tests me, tempts me, tortures me.

There’s no way an innocent, sheltered flower delivery girl can fall for a gruff, rugged, lonely mountain man like me.

Or is there…

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